Healthcare Practice Loans for Medical & Dental Professionals

Don’t let the cost prevent your patients from getting the best care they need! To ensure your business is providing the highest quality care for patients, having the latest technology and equipment is a top priority. JMA wants to help healthcare business grow and succeed in a highly dynamic industry, which is why we offer 100% financing programs for new or used equipment.

We understand that the industry is continuously changing and discovering new efficient ways to care for patients. Your practice could offer the optimal treatment with the highest quality equipment for only small monthly payments. Additionally, if a better piece of equipment releases, you can quickly sell what you don’t need and lease what you do.

Dental Financing

About 60% of dentists in the first five years of practice seek to establish their offices. We understand that the costs of sustaining a dental practice along with all the equipment needed, furniture, and employees to pay. If you are looking for an affordable source for purchasing new or used dental equipment, look no further because JMA has you covered.

Dermatologist Financing

Our Financing programs allow you to be flexible with your money and deliver the best quality skincare treatments to your patients. Secure your financing approval quickly with the help of JMA.

Plastic Surgeon Financing

We understand the necessity to keep your equipment in check and current with the latest technology. By financing your plastic surgery practice, you can focus on other things such as hiring the top surgeons and renting the best space.

Ophthalmologist & Optometry Financing

If you choose to finance your optometry practice with JMA, you can create a solution to minimize cost and maximize return. Make it easy to replace your outdated optometry equipment and stay on top of the competition.

All types of healthcare equipment financing are available including:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Laboratory and analysis equipment
  • Surgical and therapy machines
  • Office and lobby furniture
  • Telecom systems and more

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Whatever your needs, JMA applies a unique lending process that combines our knowledge and experience to help medical and dental professionals get the most out of their financing. Call our office today to discuss your needs.